Communal Aide Group Membership and Membership Applications:
Francis House is modeled as a “Communal Aide Group” to help facilitate Community Based Transitional Housing. We believe solidarity with oneself begins with those closest around you by promoting a brotherhood and sisterhood community structure. We do not have residents or occupants of the House that pay rent. We have Members of Francis House that are granted Privileges based upon responsible and accountable conduct.  Members pay dues (currently $120 a week) to help defray the cost of the house’s expenses.  For more detail, please read published Agreements in the Information Section of this Website.

Membership Applications are initiated by Recovery Support organizations. Organizations that assist persons in active recovery are welcome to refer Applicants for Membership. The Applicant participates in interviews with Team Volunteers, the Application is verified for accuracy and a background check is conducted.  The Application is visible in the Information Section of this Website.   

For more information please contact Santo Costanzo, Executive Director at: