Why is Recovery Housing Needed?

[ Answered by residents of recovery housing across Ohio ]

People in early sobriety have a much better chance of being successful if they have a safe, supportive environment as opposed to their previous living situation.

I would say it is one of the most important things they can do for their sobriety. Despite all of the best intentions, if I had returned to my old home and way of life, I would have inevitably returned to my old behaviors. Recovery housing may seem intimidating or overbearing, but the structure and support I experienced far outweighed any temporary discomfort.

To give people a place that is reasonably priced and safe for the beginning of their journey.

It allowed me to become stable and create a new life. Treatment centers were not enough for me. I tried three other times and was not able to make the changes needed.

People like me that get out of jail and want to try something new have a place to go. if not for my recovery house, I would have had to go home where all the drugs and drug addicts were and I would not have found a new way of life.

Recovery housing is needed because it showed me how important routine is needed in sobriety and showed me how to live sober on a daily basis.