Program Objectives:

  • Establish partnerships with local businesses that will benefit from having Francis House members employed with them.
  • Establish “go-to” core employers that understand the priorities and constraints of a customer committed to working their recovery program.
  • Establish bi-directional communication support and follow-up on the member’s employment performance and progress.
  • Recommend qualified candidates for select employment positions.
  • Facilitate member and employer with sustained career development.

Program Benefits:

  • Prepared, qualified, attentive, vetted and drug-free employee candidates.
  • Coaching / Mentoring focused on the initial and sustained success of the candidate.
  • Candidate pool that has outside support that will contribute to sustained employment and retention in the company.

Program Phases:

Phase 1: Readiness Education

  • Prepare member for employment, basic employment values and attributes
  • Prepare necessary documentation, (SSN, IDs, Work History, etc.)
  • Interest profiling, skills assessment and career awareness
  • Establish career plan with short, intermediate and long term goals

Phase 2: Job Networking and Employment Search

  • Preparation guidance and assistance by peer support and job coaches
  • Match member’s interests, skills and qualifications to opportunities
  • Résumé building, submit applications, practice / mock interviews

Phase 3: Employment, Retention & Career Development

  • Secure job position, job orientation and acclimation
  • Coaching available to support goals with financial literacy and budgeting
  • Document, weekly review and monitor career progress
  • Improve skills, education, increase employee value

Employment Partner Support:

We humbly ask the Wadsworth Business Community to embrace and participate in the program. Consideration is given to the following:

  • Assistance with hiring members who are ready for employment.
  • Accommodating flexible work schedules that support recovery commitment priorities.
  • Collaboratively work with coaches & mentors to provide periodic feedback on performance.
  • Allow fair consideration for a qualified candidate to compete for career advancement.

Our Delivery Team Partners:

This program offering is made possible through teaming efforts with the following Recovery Services and Community Outreach organizations: The LCADA Way (Wadsworth) and OPEN M (Akron) We wish to extend our gratitude to these companies for providing their employment services.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming an employment partner.