In 2014, I was asked to join a retreat team that provides weekend-long spiritual retreats for and with those in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. The retreats are facilitated by the Ignatian Spirituality Project, headquartered in Chicago, IL. After having the privilege to participate in numerous retreats, I have been blessed to gain some precious insight into the world of recovery, and it has profoundly affected me. I am continually gaining a better understanding of the struggles of those fighting the disease that is addiction.

It has been an honor, and I have been deeply humbled to share in and witness how spirituality can contribute to helping a person rebuild their fractured souls. These men give me permission to share in their pain, their guilt, their shame, and above all, in their hope for and faith in a better future. It is a tremendous responsibility.

When you gain insight into the impediments and struggles of a person on their recovery journey, compassion becomes infectious and the need to do something becomes overwhelming. The desire, ability, and focus to accompany those in need is a gift from a higher power. It is a community effort to help our sisters and brothers as they journey on the path to recovery.

Santo Costanzo, Founder, Francis House